Exercise Your Right

thd photoSometimes it seems as though we’re in one endless election cycle, but the truth is that it’s been awhile since there’s been an election more important to ABC members than the one coming up on November 4th.

For eight years, ABC and the open shop have been closed out of the governor’s office.  During the administration of Deval Patrick that has translated into union-only project labor agreements, licensing boards packed exclusively with union members and other attempts to force us to operate under the union model.  Only the outstanding work of our government affairs team has kept things from being even worse.

But we are confident that November 4th will be the beginning of the end of that era.  We have developed strong relationships with both of the major party candidates for governor Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker.

As many of you know, the attorney general’s office is just as important to ABC members as the governor’s office.  Prevailing wage enforcement, bid protests and many other matters that are important to the construction industry are under the control of the AG.  We are also working to develop a relationship with Maura Healey, who is the favorite to replace Martha Coakley as attorney general.  The fact is Healey is not beholden to the unions or anyone else for her significant primary win.  We’ve talked with her on the importance of a level playing field and a fair chance for open shops to compete, and we believe she approaches our issues with an open mind.

ABC members will be holding fundraisers for some of the candidates for important state offices.  We hope you will keep in mind that what happens on November 4th will have a strong impact on your business and do your part to support our cause.

And no matter which candidates you prefer, let your voice be heard on November 4th, and encourage your employees to do the same.  As we have long said at ABC, “Get into politics or get out of business.”

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